50 Old Market St. Bristol BS2 0ER

Welcome to Bristol Karaoke And Disco Company



"Established in 1989 (when our stock was


imported straight from Japan!),



We are a family business specializing in every thing disco and


karaoke .All types of the audio/visual equipment


you may need is in stock, as well as our


100,000 strong catalogue of song titles on CD-g from


golden oldies to the latest Top 40 hits.




We can offer you our years of experience and advise


you on your purchases with real knowledge,


and an independent perspective.




We can also help you to organize and run your event, and


aren't limited to karaoke /disco P.A  we also stock all the


necessaries for the DJ (be they CD  MP3 or vinyl


users), from spare fuses to entire PA systems.


We  can also install sound systems in your


venue by arrangement. In short, if you have


any sound queries, needs or wants, we're


worth a call - please have a look around our





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